Whether you are a school teacher, administrator, occupational therapist, speech therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, or psychologist (did I get everyone?) this page is for YOU!

Learn more about improving learning disabilities and primitive reflexes

Start by looking through the short videos at There are plenty of them to get you started. Then, look at the webinars that are available there. You can learn a lot, and the best part is that they are free!


Be sure you sign up for the newsletter that comes out weekly. You can use the button to the left. Each week I write an article that informs you about various topics ranging from anxiety to reading comprehension. You can also read old newsletters:


Next, if you are interested in learning all about the 6 most important primitive reflexes for learning, purchase the recorded course called Primitive Reflexes: Foundation for Learning. It's over 7 hours of information, including research, history, and videos of testing, integrating in the classroom, home and clinic, and finally more videos of additional exercises that compliment the reflexes for deeper integration. You can purchase this as a DVD from

or download it at


Finally, get professional development. There are workshops on "Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia: An Integrated Approach" all around the country, and you can see where they are scheduled at the workshops page. I may not be scheduled to speak in your area, but I am available to speak to you at your school or clinic. simply contact me using the information on the left, or use the contact form.

Products for Professionals

There are many products created just for YOU and your needs.

You can order off the page, or send a scanned purchase order to


School professionals:

I have been where you are. I created a small private school specifically to help learning disabled children. They needed to get all therapies during school, as well as all academics. How to find the time? I created Growing Brains Everyday, a 150 day curriculum that takes just 10 minutes a day (I promise you will get that and more back before the end of the year). It includes exercises for neuro-development, auditory processing, visual processing, memory, attention, processing speed and logic. You will find it on the Products for Professionals page. 



If you work with your clients one-on-one and want them to carry over your work at home, The Pyramid of Potential Series is a perfect vehicle, since it includes a DVD to follow with primitive reflex exercises on it and other exercises, and worksheets to improve cognitive skills. You can purchase this one at a time at the Products for Professionals page or contact me to purchase several at a discount.



The cognitive piece is so important for the academic success of students. It is close to impossible to learn to read, write, and do math if we have poor memory, attention, processing speed, and logic. Equipping Minds Workbook is filled with 26 different games and cognitive exercises designed to improve these areas in just a few months. As it comes with a DVD to train you, you will have confidence in your ability to train the brain! Find it on the Products for Professionals page.


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