Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get clients?

You will have a personal website with your name on it, and on our website there is a tab for locating a coach. Some of your clients will come to you because of our website. The Pyramid of Potential website currently has about 2000 people visiting it per week; the Brain Advancement Team web site already has 250 visits per week. People are looking for you.

Beyond that we have many suggestions about who to network with. There are many professionals whose clients need the next step – you. They include psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, vision therapists, and tutoring centers. We give you a template brochure for you to get printed with your personal information that you can leave at their offices. We do not expect that you will need to spend any money advertising – people need you!! 

How much per hour do I make?

We are asking our coaches to charge tutoring rates. Around here, people charge $35 per hour. It depends on where you are. We are not trying to break the bank, yet you need to be paid too! Since the clients see you 5 times per week, you will have a constant income.

Do I travel to them, do they travel to me, where would I do the sessions and how often do they need to be seen? 

You decide with them. I met with people in my home, making them do the travel. The model is that for the last three months you will see them 5 days a week.

Are people willing to pay for it and will insurance cover it?

Yes people will pay. Insurance will not pay. However, the program is only 4 months long, and it is important that you stress that there is a limit and that we are not trying to string the customers along. Many other professionals are charging triple what we are, for less.


Bob Johnson

General Manager

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