Brain Advancement coaching

The Training:

Four Months of Brain Training activities to improve your brain. This is the same way you will be training the brains of your students. You will be a product of the product. In order to pass the training program, there will be a pre and post test to prove that you improved your brain. After the training is over, we will supply you with a page on our website, templates for business cards and brochures. 

Brain Advancement Coaching incorporates the Pyramid of Potential.

Consists of:

-Primitive Reflex Integration

-Listening Therapy

-Visual Training

-Cognitive Training

-4 Month program, 1 hour/day, 5 days/week


Cost Commitment:

$749 for training

$250 for additonal materials purchased on own

$50 a month for four months for other programs that will be used during training

Once all of these are purchased, you will no longer need to purchase any additional materials because you will have all that you need for the training and all the materials for being a coach and training your students. Your students will purchase materials from our website directly, so you will not have to hold onto any inventory. When your students recieve their materials, they will be ready for their training. The cost for the students will be $242 plus the price you will be charging per hour for the training. 

Time Commitment:

One hour a day, 5 to 7 days a week for four months plus one support call a week. Pre and post testing to determine your improvement, this should take about a half hour each. 


When you register, you will need to take the Gibson Pre-test before you start the training. you will need theraputic headphones during the first month of training. you will need to aquire the additional materials for the activities in the rest of the training. 

Additional materials will need to be accuired in order to start the next three months of training. We ask for you to be in possession of each one by the completion of the first month of training. All materials are needed in order for the continuation of training and ultimately graduation to a Brain Advancement Coach. The Brain Advancement Kit with each of those materials will be everything you will need to pass the training. 



Bob Johnson

General Manager

(518) 902 -9429

64 Sacandaga Rd.

Scotia, NY 12302

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