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Brain Training for you, your clients, students or children


People with the following brain ailments have seen significant improvements:

Traumatic Brain Injury, Memory loss, Stroke, Parkinson’s, advanced Lyme disease

Learning Disabilities, Autism and Asperger’s, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Developmentally Delayed


Go through the four-month training in which Kathy Johnson, MS Ed trains your brain to improve memory, attention, processing speed, reasoning and more! By being the trainer via video, Kathy models how you will successfully train others.


You will work an hour a day, 5 to 7 days a week from the comfort of your home when it is convenient for you. You will work on your body and mind through primitive reflex integration, listening therapy, vision work, and cognitive skills training. There are videos to follow and weekly support calls so that you can get answers to your questions and have someone to help you hold yourself accountable. Kathy is on all the calls with you!


The first 64 people who completed the course had an average age of 49 and here are the best cognitive improvements by the whole group:

Average age: 49     Number of trainees: 64

Auditory memory: up 12.6 percentile points. Pre-test average: 58th percentile; Post: 70th percentile

Long Term Memory: up 10.5 percentile points. Pre: 65th %ile; Post: 75th %ile

Logic and Reasoning: up 10 %ile points. Pre: 58th %ile; Post: 68th %ile

There are a total of 9 cognitive skills tested

Average improvement of all scores, all trainees: up 8.5%ile points


Sign up today; Start today and have a better brain in just 4 months!




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Sample Lesson:






My journey of discovery has been fascinating this summer. I realized that I excelled at things I didn't really ever try, struggled with things I thought I did well, and rose to the challenge of things that I avaoided before! What a revelation! In regards to the number line activity, I find that I have to work to remember more than 8 auditory items in sequence, but when I add the kinesthetic touching, my hand seems to move before my mind registers the next number. i love practicing this. I find it hard to itemize the changes that I see on a weekly basis, but when a hue life altering experience like 'back-to-school' occurs, I am stunned by 1) the fact that I notice the changes in how I cope with the stress and chaos, and 2) the practical and realistic ideas that have come into my head in terms of organizing things, focusing on things, and task completion. Too bad I am on the end of my career, I finally have found my pace. Can't believe we are almost done. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I enjoy every day of this journey.

Michelene Wilson



Hi!  My name is Jodi Singer.  I’m a Special Educator currently living in Brooklyn, NY in Boro Park.  I received my Masters’ Degree in Special Education in 2001.   I have worked mostly for a local agency that is certified by NYC BOE to provide services within private schools to preschool children with an IEP mandating them to receive Special Ed services.  I have worked with elementary aged students as well.


Throughout my career, I have attended many continuing education courses and conferences.  I was first introduced to Kathy Johnson and the Pyramid of Potential in a monthly teleconference given by my agency several years ago.  While “Googling” her website and discovering her amazing Brain Advancement Training Program, I was really excited about the possibility of delving further into the idea of making real improvements in my students’ memories and brains.  I also felt that it would be beneficial to me as I age to continue working on my own brain.


I can attest to the effects that the Brain Advancement Coach Training Program had on me, and how it really opened up my eyes to the experience of being a student.  The lessons helped me personally experience what it feels like to struggle through some of the lessons, work hard to accomplish, and feel success in making connections in my brain that help in my short-term and working memory.   I really enjoyed the lessons and Kathy’s phenomenal knowledge and presentation.  I truly feel that it would benefit anyone going through the program, either as a Coach-in-training or as a student of a Graduated Coach.  I look forward to the opportunity to share in your journey through a program that can truly enhance and change your life in a most meaningful and powerful way.



I am so excited and jumping up and down! Just finished my Gibson (Cognitive Test) and am so pleased with the results!

Every score except 1 went up! I’m especially excited that my Logic and Reasoning went from 35 to 89 (percentile points)!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lori, Brain Advancement Coach



Do you want to help people improve their Attention, Memory, and Processing Speed?


Are you ready to go through a course that puts your brain to the test and further develop skills that you use everyday?


If so, then Pyramid of Potential's Brain Advancement Team is the right place for you. 


We want to help you; not only with your brain but we want to help your professional experience and career as well. This training will make you work in a way that you have never experienced before. We want to give you the opportunity to use your brain in ways that you have never imagined.


This course entitles you to become a Brain Advancement Coach. Through the training you will see differences in your everyday lives. After the course, you can teach others to do the same and train them one on one to have the same experience. 


As a coach, you will advance your experience as a trainer, a tutor and a mentor to your students. You will help yourself to a more successful life and a more successful career; and in the process, help others have the same experience as yourself and gain the same knowledge to go out and help more people. This is a chain reaction that will not stop. Jump on board and join the chain. Browse our website and see if the Brain Advancement Team is right for you!




Bob Johnson

General Manager


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