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You can help improve underlying math skills in 30 days!


Math - helping those who hate it!


Reading Problems


Help! My student doesn't know the short vowel sounds!


Dyslexia: An overview of Phonemic Awareness


Step 5 of 5 to Increase IQ


Step 4 of 5 to Increase IQ


Step 3 of 5 to Increase IQ


Step 2 of 5 to Increase IQ


5 Steps to Increase IQ


Inspiration to Help Others


You Can't Change IQ - Or Can You? Neuroplasticity statistics


There is no cure for ADHD - or is there?


Modifications and Accommodations


Body Health


Improving memory, attention, logic


Foundation for Learning: Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex


Foreign Adoption


More Case Studies - Learning Disabilities


Case Studies - Developmental Delay


Neurodevelopmental Delay - Causes


Developmental Delay


Reading #4


Reading #3


7 Visual Blocks to Reading


Reading - Essential Elements


Important Information about Stroke


Primitive Reflexes for the Aging Brain


How to Maintain Your Edge - The Aging Brain Series


Vision - Resources for Improving Reading, Writing, and Math


Reading- What do Tracking and the Saccades Have to do with it?


Vision, Copying from the Board, and What to Do About It


Vision, Color and Autism


Visual Processing versus Acuity


Auditory Processing, Listening Devices, and Phonemic Awareness


Auditory Processing, Listening Therapy, and Reading


Auditory Processing Disorder - what is it and where does it come from


Sensory Development and Learning


Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex


Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex


Spinal Galant, ADHD, and Reading


Grants for Schools and Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex 


Improve Handwriting with the Palmer Reflex


The Moro Reflex - The Silver Bullet?


6 Primitive Reflexes that must be Integrated in Order to Learn


Hear from our Customers and Last Chance to Download Discount!


10 Day Plan to Improve Memory, Attention, Reading and Writing!


Holiday Anxiety?


Visual Processing for All Ages


How Much Improvement from the Pyramid


Sustained Focus


Games to Play to Become Aware of Sounds


Ear Dominance and Auditory Processing


The Many Requirements for Good Comprehension


Teaching to Blend


Reading Failure - something so obvious you might miss it!


Decoding - Working Memory


Setting Up the Auditory System to Process Sounds 


Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN)


The Roaadmap from Reading Failure to Success


Top 5 List to Improve Brain Function


Autism - Lessoms Learned


Processing Speed - You Must Increase It! Here is how...


They Said He Would Never Read


Independence Day for Learning Disabilities 


How do I get my teenager to brain train?


Create your own summer brain training program


What I haven't told you


Discalculia: Definition and Remediation


Dysgraphia: Definition and Remediation


Schools - results that you can replicate!


12 Definitions of Dyslexia


Does brain training work? Yes, if it meets these 5 conditions


Cognitive Skills and the Primitive Reflexes: Memory, Attention and Processing Speed


Stress and the brain - Making Learning Easier


Vision, learning disabilities, and Primitive Reflexes


Auditory Processing, Dyslexia, and Primitive Reflexes


What is the Foundation for Learning?


Math - word problems and explaining processes


Math - Sequencing, Step by Step Procedures and Time


Math Sense and Working Memory


Apps and Math


Foreign Adoptions


Concussions - NFL and YOU


Reading Comprehension


Maintaining Your Brain


What The End Of 2013 Means For You


The Importance of the Moro Reflex


Autism and the Moro Reflex


Anxiety - No Cost Download


Superhero Powers - why being able to hear better than everyone  may not be good


Processing Speed - You Must Increase It!


Why Accomodations are Not The Best Thing for Your Child


It's October -Prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences


Top 5 List to Improve Brain Function


Reflections:  When Necessary Use A Professional


Primitive Reflexes Explained


Back to School


Analysis of Reading Issues


Increase Logic Before School Starts!


Primitive Reflexes


Changing the Social Brain, Anxiety


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