Primitive Reflexes:            Foundations for Learning

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 'Primitive Reflexes: Foundations Course' 

*Gain access to so much more content and training!  

*Up to 15 hours of CEU's!

Parents and educators are frustrated today with the additional mandates required, yet there are an increasing number of children who need extra help. Despite all of the efforts to improve education, reading, writing, and math scores do not increase. This workshop provides all of the information needed to help educators, professionals and parents to help the students improve brain functioning through integration of the primitive reflexes.


Perfect for: Occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers, parents, tutors, learning centers, psychologists, and chiropractors. 


Course # 1: Maintaining Brains Everyday Video for students and clients

     Integration of 6 primitive reflexes, 3 vestibular exercises, 1 core and midline crossing activity, 

     Beginning and advanced levels

     Total time: 35 minutes


Course # 2: Primitive Reflexes: Foundations for Learning Webinar

Originally recorded from a 7+ hour webinar, this training comes to you on DVD and includes all material, videos, and Q&A. Read on for a full description of the training:


The Webinar Format:

·   Session 1: Overview of brain development, overview of primitive reflexes, research

·   Session 2: The Moro Reflex: in an infant, in older child or adult, symptoms of a retained Moro, testing the Moro, and integration exercises

·   Session 3: The Palmar Reflex and Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex

·   Session 4: Spinal Galant Reflex

·   Session 5: Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex

·   Session 6: Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex and final question and answer


·  Identify 6 primitive reflexes and how they contribute to learning

·  Demonstrate the infant reflex and identify the normal age at which it is integrated

·  Test for each of the 6 reflexes, and give a rating for the severity of the retention of the reflex

·  Demonstrate the integration exercise, including modifications, for each reflex

·  List the behavioral and physical symptoms associated with each reflex

·  Demonstrate additional physical exercises that complement each reflex

·  Demonstrate the integration exercise in a classroom situation versus a clinical or home setting

·  Discuss why the reflexes may still be present and what circumstances integration exercises may not create changes

·  Discuss what reflex integration can and cannot accomplish, and what will be required beyond reflex integration for student success

·    Over 7 hours of information!


Course 3: Fear Paralysis Video

     All about the Fear Paralysis Reflex, including risk factors, symptoms, and integration

     30 minutes


Course 4: Harnessing Learning Potential Video Series

     60 short videos explaining the Pyramid of Potential Brain Development Model

     8 hours


Post tests for Certificate of Completion to apply for CEU credits.


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